Hueblog: Philips Hue Daylo reviewed: Outdoor wall lamp with a classic look

Philips Hue Daylo reviewed: Outdoor wall lamp with a classic look

Inconspicuous and yet quite bright

For me, the Philips Hue Daylo is the biggest surprise from the 2020 outdoor series by Philips Hue. At first glance, the circular 22-cm high wall light looks rather inconspicuous, but small details convince after installation. I was able to see this for myself yesterday on my neighbours’ terrace.

The Philips Hue Daylo is a wall lamp available in two different variations. For 114.99 Euro you can get the Daylo with a black housing made of aluminium, for additional 5 euros you get a silver look made of stainless steel. Both versions are identical and offer a maximum possible brightness of 1,050 lumens with a power consumption of up to 15 watts. Apart from different white tones, all colours are also possible here: a White and Color Ambiance lamp is (permanently) installed.

Philips Hue Daylo scores with easy installation

The installation of the lamp is not an issue at all and is extremely relaxing. Why? All of its technology is installed on a circular plate that can be mounted directly on the wall. After fixing the wall lamp with two screws, you can cable it without any hassle, then put on the housing and secure it with two screws.

Still, I experienced a little problem: the distance between the hole for the cable entry and the luster terminal is quite long – at least too long for the too short cables that were still sticking out of the wall at my neighbor’s place. But this problem could be solved quite easily: the Daylo offers enough space to accommodate a cable extension including clamps.

The biggest surprise followed a few hours later: it got dark outside and we gave the new wall light a first go. The Philips Hue Daylo is surprisingly bright, especially when it comes to white light. Overall, the light output is still pretty good even with coloured light. The following pictures demonstrate this fact. I also like the small luminous ring on the wall that is thrown through a small transparent cutout in the housing.

Until some time ago, I used a comparable wall lamp with two Philips Hue E27 lamps. Those nominally reach at least over 1,600 lumens and should therefore shine brighter than the Dalyo with its 1,050 lumens. I can definitely promise: there is absolutely no comparison – a difference like day and night. In this regard, the Daylo is clearly ahead.

Why this is the case, is quickly explained: when using normal Hue bulbs the light is thrown in all directions, inside the lamp as well as backwards to the wall. In the Philips Hue Daylo, on the other hand, the LED board is mounted flat and emits its light completely in the right direction. This way a real good illumination is achieved, as you can see on the following picture.

The price of 114.99 and 119.99 euros respectively is high – but not too high. After all, when you buy two or three coloured E27 lamps and a classic wall lamp, you easily reach a similar price level.

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