Hueblog: Smart Plugs: three models from Philips Hue, Innr and Osram compared

Smart Plugs: three models from Philips Hue, Innr and Osram compared

I want to show you the differences between three Hue Bridge compatible Smart Plugs in a new video.

We have known the Osram Smart Plug for years as an inexpensive accessory for the Philips Hue Bridge. The Innr SP 120 was added around a year ago. This smart plug mainly scores with its form factor. It is smaller and more compact but also adds a higher price tag.

Since September, the Philips Hue Smart Plug has also been on the market. At just under 30 euros, it is the most expensive representative and is somewhere between the models from Innr and Osram in terms of design and size. The Hue Smart Plug can be controlled via Bluetooth without a bridge and can also be used in HomeKit when actively connected to the bridge.

But what about the details? How fast do the individual plugs switch, is there a delay when plugged into an electrical outlet? How loud are the switching noises and are there audible differences? I have investigated these questions in the following video:

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